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Neverending List of Favorite Characters
#006 - Knight-Commander Meredith (Dragon Age II)


i really feel like that is just so fucking important even outside the context of shipping

people think isabela’s selfishness just springs out of nowhere, like it’s a character flaw that needs “fixing”, rather than what it actually is: a defense mechanism and a way of coping with what she went through

again, this ties into isabela being an abuse survivor, something virtually no one ever wants to acknowledge

isabela never had anyone she could count on, she never had anyone looking out for her. her mother sold her at a ridiculously young age to an abusive shitstain who violated her and passed her around to his asshole friends like candy, and likely beat her if she didn’t comply (because that’s almost always how these things go, lbr)

isabela was never afforded personhood or autonomy or protection until zevran killed luis and gave her a choice for the first time in her life (which is why their friendship is so very important to me, regardless of how you read it)

isabela is ~out for herself~ because virtually no one else in her life has been. isabela is a survivor and she has HAD to be selfish in order to survive. she “betrays” before she can be betrayed. and she doesn’t believe she deserves any better, because she’s never been treated as though she deserves any better. like it’s so patently obvious to me

to me this culminates in demands of the qun and why she comes back. friend or rival, romanced or not, if you get enough relationship points with her—if you show her that you CARE about her, that you value her, regardless of how it’s expressed—she’ll come back. in the beginning of act 3 when she’s absent from the party and you have to “re-recruit” her again, she tells Hawke straight up that she’s staying away because they don’t need her. this is her terrible self-esteem kicking in, she thinks Hawke doesn’t need her because they’ve got a fancy title now and she’s “just a lying thieving snake”.

literally all it takes for her to come back is for Hawke to tell her “i want you around” in some form, showing her that they trust her and believe in her and want her around. putting the lie to what she’s internalized about herself, because of what she had to do to survive for so long

and you know, what happens at the very end? when virtually every party member can potentially turn against Hawke in any number of scenarios if you don’t have their relationship values high enough or locked in

who’s one of the only ones who stands by Hawke no matter what they decide to do or who they side with whether they romance them or not?

Isabela, the “selfish” pirate queen. because by then she knows Hawke has her back, she WANTS to be there to have theirs.



Husain Abdullah received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for praying on Monday. [Yahoo]

This is probably going to be a big deal tomorrow. The NFL can’t do anything right this year.

it is a big deal, how many times has tebow kneeled down? Has he ever been penalized? No. Bullshit. Then they have the audacity to be calling it excessive celebration, screw the NFL. Let a white Christian male kneel down and protect his ass, create a movement and call it tebowing, but once a Black Muslim Male does it, it’s flagged. IT’S ALL FUN AND GAMES UNTIL IT’S NO LONGER INVOLVING A WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE BUT RATHER A BLACK MUSLIM. LOAD OF B.S.



Before the Orliasien ball everyone is getting ready and putting on their masks, except for the Inquisitor, who is a Qunari mage and refuses to wear one. Most are confused by this, except Iron Bull who understands immediately.



Another FR commission, this time of a lovely Coatl.

FR art shop link.

Sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡs ᴛʜʀɪᴠᴇ.
                           Sᴛᴇᴘ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪɢʜᴛ.

ok so I’ve never played any Saints Row games, I’d probably enjoy them but I don’t have them. But I decided to download the CC cause it’s free and CCs are fun as heck and wooow there are a lot of options

really underwhelmed about the horns and hair sharing a slider